Previous Church Activities

Valentine Dinner and Social

Thanksgiving Led by pastor steve

On November 20, 2022, Pastor Stephen Battaglia and his wife Janis joined us at New Walk Bible Church. Pastor Steve delivered from the pulpit the message found in the Book of Luke. Overcoming obstacles prevailing over the last few months, his delivery brought tears to many eyes. We as a congregation have prayed for a Godly pastor, and we are all thankful for the amazing answer to our prayers. We pray for God’s blessings for Janis, Pastor Steve, and our congregation.

After the Church Service, we all enjoyed a Thanksgiving Dinner together. Our church is full of happy welcoming people.

Samaritans Purse Christmas 2022

We are excited to have filled 50 shoe boxes for the Samaritans Purse Christmas 2022.

Missions yard sale

We were able to provide a large sum of money for missions with our yard sale.

Dot Carroll’s 90th birthday celebration

We were excited to celebrate Dot’s 90th birthday with a surprise party!!!!

Easter Breakfast at New Walk Bible Church 2022

Members and friends gathered for breakfast and fellowship on Easter morning before the Resurrection Message brought to us by Pastor Mike Whitley. We were blessed to have him and his family with us.

Vacation bible school 2021

New Walk Bible Church holds Vacation Bible School annually for our children to learn, grow, and get excited about learning the words of God.